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Botanical Name Category Description Pot Size
Acmena 'Moonlight Flame' Austraflora smithii. Lilly Pilly. Creamy green and pink variegated foliage, grows to 1m 14cm
Archirhodomyrtus 'Edna Walling® Rose Myrtle' Austraflora Weeping shrub, perfumed shell pink flowers, fruits in summer used in jam. 14cm
Banksia serrata 'Pygmy Possum'™ Austraflora Low dense ground cover 60-90cmh x 2-3mw silver possum like buds opening to yellow. 15cm 14cm
Banksia spinulosa 'Black Magic'™ Austraflora Compact form of Hairpin Banksia grows 1-1.5m h x 1.5-1.8m w 14cm
Brachyscome 'Bliss'™ Austraflora Small rockery plant with a profusion of daisy-like flowers in 4 colours for most of the year 14cm
Brachyscome 'White Bliss'™ Austraflora Small rockery plant with a profusion of white daisy-like flowers for most of the year 14cm
Callistemon 'Betka Beauty' TM Austraflora Light green foliage, crimson brushes grows 1.8m x 1.5m 14cm 14cm
Callistemon 'Cherry Time' TM Austraflora Weeping bottlebrush cherry red flowers grows 1.8m x 1.5m. 14cm
Callistemon 'Four Seasons' Austraflora Large crimson brushes, salmon pink new growth grows 1.5-2.2m H x 1.2-1.5m W. 14cm
Callistemon 'Mary MacKillop' TM Austraflora viminalis. New Release Red Bottlebrush grows 2.5m x 1-2m. 14cm
Callistemon aff pallidus 'Rosy Morn' TM Austraflora Compact multi stemmed purple tinged foliage silky new growth misty purple flowers grows 1.2m x 1.4m 14cm
Callistemon citrinus 'Firebrand' TM Austraflora Large bright red flowers grows 80cmh x 3mw. 14cm
Callistemon forresterae 'Genoa Glory' TM Austraflora Upright arching habit large maroon-purple brushes grows 2.5 x 2m. 14cm
Callistemon pallidus 'Candle Glow' TM Austraflora Low arching silver grey foliage 90cm x 3.5m lemon flwrs. 14cm
Callistemon pallidus 'Silver Cloud' TM Austraflora C.papidus'Bonang' weeping shrub 1.8m x 1.5m creamy yellow flwrs. 14cm
Callistemon sieberi 'Sugar Candy' ™ Austraflora Bottlebrush. Medium shrub with masses of candy pink brushes, to 3m 14cm
Correa 'Tucker Time Dinner Bell's TM Austraflora New Release C.glabra x decumbens, green tipped red bell flwrs grows 1.2 x 1.2. 14cm
Darwinia citriodora 'Seaspray'™ Austraflora Lemon scented myrtle vivid orange-red flwrs grows 10x90cm 14cm
Dianella 'Cherry Red'™ Austraflora Tasmanian Flax Lily 14cm
Dianella caerulea 'Goddess' Austraflora Tasmanian Flax Lily. Blue flowers on slender stems in spring 14cm
Eucalyptus 'Summer Scentsation'™ Austraflora olivacea 'Lorikeet' Clear trunk large cluters of bright yellow flowers grows 6m x 4m 14cm
Eucalyptus 'Tucker Time® Honey Pots' Austraflora E.wimmerensis selection, slender clear trunk, narrow upright habit grows 4-5mH x 2-3mW creamy white flowers. 14cm
Eucalyptus elata dwarf 'Dry White' TM Austraflora Slender clear white to pale grey trunks, white flws, grows 5-8m x 3-5m 14cm
Eucalyptus erythronema 'Hot Threads'™ Austraflora Small single-trunked or multi-stemmed mallee 7m 14cm
Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Euky Dwarf'™ Austraflora White bark crimson pink flower grows 6m x 5m 14cm
Eucalyptus pauc.'Little Snowman'™ Austraflora Dwarf Snow gum grows 7mt high. 14cm 14cm
Eucalyptus stellulata 'Little Star'™ Austraflora Smooth olive green trunk star shaped buds grows 4-6mh x 2-4mw 14cm
Goodenia ovata 'Lighten Up'™ Austraflora Striking variegated foliage dotted with yellow flowers grows 60-90cm x 45-65cm 14cm
Grevillea 'Rosy's Baby' PBR TM Austraflora First generation G. 'Rosy Posy' grows 80x80cm. 14cm
Grevillea 'Bon Accord' Austraflora Deeply divided green-bronze foliage, pink-red flowers grows 2.5m x 3m. 14cm
Grevillea 'Bonnie Prince Charles'™ Austraflora Red & gold blooms very hardy grows 60cmh x1mw. 14cm
Grevillea 'Canterbury Gold'™ Austraflora Spreading shrub, pale yellow flower. 14cm
Grevillea 'Carpet Crawl'™ Austraflora G.rivularis x G.Fanfare, bronze foliage red purple flowers grows 65cm x 2-3mt. 14cm
Grevillea 'Carpet Layer'PBR Austraflora G.Copper Crest x Nectar Delight, dense vigorous carpet overlaying foliage, deep pink toothbrush flowers grows 1.5 -2.5 wide 14cm
Grevillea 'Coral Baby'™ Austraflora lavandulacea x chrysophaea. Dense shapely shrub with massed soft pink and cream flowers 40cm x 80cm 14cm
Grevillea 'Fanfare'™ Austraflora G. gaudi chaudi x G.longifolia, carpeting 2-3m deep pink toothbrush flowers 14cm
Grevillea 'Jelly Baby'™ Austraflora NEW jelly-pink flowers, dense soft grey foliage grows 30cm x 1m 14cm
Grevillea 'Jubilee'™ Austraflora G.rosmarinafolia x alpina, grows 1m x 1m waxy golden red flowers 14cm
Grevillea 'Old Gold'™ Austraflora Golden green foliage coral pink flowers grows 55cm x 1.5m. 14cm
Grevillea 'Woolly Bear Hero' Austraflora A low mounding Grevillea with shell pink/whit flowers 14cm
Hakea decurrens 'Pink Lace' TM Austraflora Weeping habit, slighty perfumed pink flwrs along stem grows up to 2.2 x 2. 14cm
Hardenbergia 'Edna Walling® Snow White'™ Austraflora Multiple sprays of white flowers. 14cm
Hardenbergia 'Free & Easy'™PBR Austraflora Glossy green foliage, masses lacy white flowers. 14cm
Isopogon 'Little Drumsticks'™ Austraflora I.anemonifolius(form) grows 65cm x 80cm yellow flwr winter & spring. 14cm
Leptospermum 'Mozzie Blocker'™PBR Austraflora Aromatic foliage pink flwrs keeps Mozzies at bay grows 1.2m. 14cm
Leptospermum 'Starry Night™' Austraflora Pendulous habit, grows 2-2.5m H x 1.8m W, soft fine dark purple foliage, bronze bud opening to snowy white flowers 14cm
Lomandra 'Emerald Grace' Austraflora confertifolia form. Fine weeping emerald green foliage with purple stem base to 30cm 14cm
Lomandra 'Fine and Dandy' Austraflora Dense fine-leaved tufting plant 14cm
Lomandra 'Frosty Top' Austraflora confertifolia ssp rubiginosa. Silver frosted foliage, stylish decorator plant 14cm
Lomandra 'Lime Divine' Austraflora Weeping decorator plant 14cm
Macadamia integrifolia 'Lotsa Nuts' Austraflora Large dense shrub with cream flowers and edible nuts. 18cm
Melaleuca 'Ulladulla Beacon'™ Austraflora hypericifolia selected dwarf form. Mounding ground cover orange-red brushes grows 60cm x 2m. 14cm
Pandorea 'Lady Di'™ Austraflora Vigorous climber lightly perfumed white flowers. 14cm
Prostanthera 'Cool Mint'™ Austraflora cuneata. Mint bush. Highly aromatic with purple throated white flowers, to 70cm 14cm
Prostanthera 'Minty'™ Austraflora sieberi. Dense aromaic foliage with a mass of violet flowers, to 1.8m 14cm
Scaevola 'Fan Magic Pink Minx' Austraflora A dense pink flowering groundcover 14cm
Sollya heterophylla 'Edna Walling® Blue Bells'™ Austraflora Variegated sterile form of heterophylla. 14cm