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Botanical Name: Banksia Cherry Candles

Category: Shrubs

A dense compact dwarf shrub with small neat soft foliage and massed displays of gold candles with cherry red styles, blooming from late summer to winter. Long anticipation period buds to flowering; honeyeaters visit constantly. Outstanding cottage style plant for low borders, around bold rockwork, and a sensational showy container plant. 

Clip out spent flowers, feed with low phosphorous native fertiliser early spring. 

Plant Code: BANCHE14

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Pot Size: 14cm
Habit: Dense compact shrub
Height: 50cm
Width: 75 - 90cm
Foliage: Small, neat soft foliage
Flower: Massed displays of gold candles with cherry red styles
Flowering Time: Blooms from late summer to winter
Position: Full sun to part shade
Cultural Notes: Suitable for cold temperate to sub tropical climates, in well drained humus-rich clay loams or sandy soils, neutral to acid pH.