Blueberries are mainly deciduous shrubs with oval leaves that produce pretty bell shaped white flowers in spring, followed by small blue-purple berries in summer. The leaves of the plant take on attractive red-orange tones in autumn. Berries are best left to ripen on the bush - bird netting may be required.

Biloxi - Medium excellent flavoured fruit. Upright, vigorous growing bushes to 1-2m
Blue Rose - abundant large firm fruit in clusters early/mid season. Tall grower - upright habit to 1.5m
Brigitta - very large firm fruit, high yield with good flavour. Fruit keeps well. Best planted alongside another variety for highest yield. Late season fruit, very vigorous upright dense shrub to 2.4m
Brightwell - Bears large juicy fruit. Suits a sunny to partly shaded position. Frost hardy. A deciduous shrub that grows to 1.5m.
Denise - Very round blue fruit with a flush of pink, early fruiting. Eat fresh, high yield, suits warmer positions, medium grower with slightly spreading habit to 1.5m
Elliot - Smaller powder blue fruit, high yield. Suits cooler areas, semi upright bush to 1.2m
Northland - Medium sized dark blue very sweet fruit, early to mid season. Copes well with extremes of temperatures. Spreading vigorous habit to 1.5m
Sharpblue - Medium, robust flavoured berries almost year round. Bushes grow 1-2m
Sunshine Blue - Excellent garden, border or pot variety. A semi deciduous very compact, smaller growing variety 1m x 1m.

Oval shaped leaves
White bell shaped flowers followed by fruit
Flowering Time
Flowers spring followed by fruit in summer
Full sun to part shade in well drained soil